Promoting Bars and Restaurants

Although this is a little off our normal topic, Anthony has written about some of the aspects of getting help from your vendors to promote your Bar or Restaurant. Anthony’s background is in high volume fast paced Las Vegas bars and restaurants.

Vendor Sponsorships for Bars and Restaurants.

Promoting a Restaurant

Many business owners are unaware of how to truly benefit from sponsorships. We are going to explain why sponsorships are not only valuable, but crucial when operating a bar or restaurant. Read more »

Using a QR Code to Promote a Restaurant

Using a QR Code.

Using a QR Code to promote a restaurantQR codes, for those who are unaware, are those funny looking square pixilated blocks showing up on just about everything. They are basically a bar code, which can be used for scanning almost anything. If you have a mobile smart phone, you can download a scanner that is capable of reading the QR Code.

The way this works is you scan the code using your phone and the item or message associated with the QR Code will be downloaded instantly to your phone. This can be a website, a business app, a game, menu, coupon, product information, loyalty programs or any number of items. Mobile apps are becoming one of the hottest marketing tools used to promote a business. Read more »

Mobile App’s and Your Business

How To Get Your Mobile App on Your Customer’s Phone.

Marketing today is not what it use to be. With all the advancements in technology, more and more customers are reaching for their smartphones before grabbing their keys. With that said, just because you have a mobile app does not mean its going to make it’s way to your customers phone without a little app

Many businesses are now turning to mobile apps to communicate with their customers. Everyone carries a mobile phone. It’s now just as essential and a part of your attire as your socks and shoes. You just don’t leave home without it. With a mobile app you can send messages to your customers using the push notification feature right to their phone wherever they are. This does not mean you should abandon conventional marketing methods by any means. Read more »