Marketing A Small Business

Edward Sledge former VP Operations for Rapid Rack Industries, Inc.

Edward Sledge

 The Material Handling Industry is about as competitive as competitive can be.  When looking to standout in a competitive industry, especially one as competitive as the material handling industry you want to know that the company who spearheads your online marketing knows a little more than “you sell shelving and rack”.  The founder of Higher Achievements spent more than twenty years in the material handing industry.    We understand that sometimes it boils down to commodity pricing, and added value sometimes is what it takes to make or break the sale.   We also understand the internet and what it takes to get the phones ringing using online marketing strategies.

We don’t work with every company out there.   We select our clients very carefully and work with them to create a marketing partnership to move their company to the forefront in their market place.  Our fees are very simple and very reasonable.   We find that by specializing in a few niche markets we can better serve our clients and their businesses.

The Industries We Service Are.

  • The Entertainment Industry
  • The Material Handling Industry
  • The Local Service Provider

The services we provide range from website development, on-page and off-page SEO, SEM and article writing for industrial clients.  We provide local and regional marketing services for the purpose of generating sales on behalf of our clients.

We are not jacks of all trades and we know it.  What we do know is that by engaging us to assist you in your PPC campaigns and marketing efforts you will benefit from our expertise.  

Edward Sledge

Founder Higher Achievements