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Policies have a tendency to evolve as time goes on and are subject to change along with additions.  Please check our policy page regularly for updates and changes that have been added.  Should you have any questions please feel to contact us at policy@higherachievements.com

Blog Comment Policy

Higher Achievements Blog tips and suggestions regarding sales and marketing for small and mid size businesses are design to provide useful information regarding the advancement of business in general.  We make every effort to allow those who have useful contributions on blog subjects the ability to contribute by posting comments.   However, we have found on occasion that there are some that seem to just enjoy posting irrelevant information in hopes that their voice may be heard.  To those individuals this is not the place for you.

All comments must be in English and include your name.  Comments that do not include a proper name will not be posted. Policy update 2/27/2013

We encourage our readers to comment on articles posted both positive and negatively.  Please keep in mind that the subject matter is important and your dialog needs to be on subject with each article.


Comments should be

  • On topic
  • Advancing the subject matter
  • Above all be respectful
  • Responsive to furthering the topic

We moderate each comment and remove any that do not comply with our policies. If the comment has no relevance to the subject it will not make it through moderation.  If your comment is for the sole purpose of creating link backs for search engine rankings it will more than likely never be posted unless it meets our policy guidelines.  A few other issues that could prevent your comment from posting follow.

  • Comment spamming
  • Comments that are libelous
  • Contribute no value to the subject
  • Off topic
  • Abusive language or foul language
  • Links to pages that have no relevance to the subject
  • Linking to subject matter of an offensive nature

For questions regarding our policies please contact Higher Achievements at policy@higherachievements.com






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