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8 Things you can do to improve PPC, ROI

Improve your PPC, ROI Pay Per Click for the small business can be a great source of revenue and very cost effective but at the same time it can be very expensive if done improperly. Pay Per Click Drives Quality Traffic to your Website While most of us that use Pay Per Click are aware that it […]

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Internet Marketing

Are you getting what you expected from your marketing firm?   Many Internet marketing companies offer services to their clients without even checking to see those services will be of any benefit to them and rarely ask what their objectives are. We actually attempt to check and see if we can be of help. We […]

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Is your Website a Secret?

  Generating Business with your Website, or are you trying to keep your Business a Secret?   Many business owners are under the assumption that all they need to do is post a Website and people will find them. That may have been the case ten years ago, but today it requires a bit of work. […]

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The Marketing Calendar

 Your Marketing Calendar Your marketing calendar is a key component in your success when marketing online. Missing important updates and postings can cause a shortfall in traffic to your website or loss of sales on an important sales promotion. Monthly or weekly activities are easily missed or overlooked with all the daily activities that we […]

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Yelp is good for Business

Yelping good for some. Not so good for others. Recently I spoke with a Yelp representative about featured ads for a small business.  I wanted to dig deeper into the subject about their filtered reviews. When asked about some of the filtered reviews, which by the way were legitimate in the case of the service provider […]

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