Consider the Stats

Carefully consider the Stats before investing your advertising dollars.


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Advertising online can be tricky and mistakes are easy to make. But if you consider the statistics before you spend your advertising dollars you will increase your success rate considerably. This assumes that your marketing material is compelling and that you have included a call to action.

In December of 2012 the traffic rankings per major online advertising – marketing websites are presented below. (Visitor estimate data generated from Traffic Estimate. We only list sites that permit advertising of some sort.  Be it Pay Per Click or Free Listings. We do not advocate using one over the other for your advertising purposes. This list is merely for your information and we suggest you conduct your own research prior to making any decision to invest your budget with any advertiser.


Top  Sites and their Worldwide Visitors for December 2012.

  1. Google             5 Billion
  2. Facebook       2.6 Billion
  3. YouTube        1.9 Billion
  4. Yahoo            1.47 Billion
  5. Amazon         783 Million
  6. Twitter          669 Million
  7. Linkedin        553 Million
  8. Yelp                43 Million
  9. Blogspot       563 Million
  10. MSN               389.4 Million

Worldwide visitors do not necessarily correlate to local visitor traffic.  However, we believe that it is a good indicator of their local visitor share.  Choosing to advertise on or with any advertising company is a risk only the advertiser can decide.


Top Locally Focused Sites and their December 2012 visitors

  1. Craigslist                     169.4 Million
  2. Yelp                              43 Million
  3. Yellowpages              17 Million
  4. Patch                            14.7 Million
  5. Manta                           14.5 Million
  6. Merchant Circle          6.8 Million
  7. Superpages                   6.5 Million


The Top Social Media Sites and their December 2012 Visitors.

  1. Facebook      2.6 Billion
  2. Google +        4.8 Billion
  3. Twitter            669 Million
  4. Linkedin         553 Million
  5. Pinterest        234.8 Million

Although we make every effort to be as accurate as possible, the data that we use to compile this list is provided by others and we make no claims as to its accuracy.  It is for informational purposes only and should be used as a such.  Marketing any business requires much more than just visitors and exposure.  You need to deliver a message that compels the reader to take action on your offering.