Facebook Marketing Tactics for Small Business

Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

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With over 1 billion users and still counting Facebook today is the largest and the most widely used social networking site. It is one of the best ways to reach out to a large number of people especially for a small start-up business. If Facebook marketing is done in a proper way there is no looking back for the business. Moreover, using other forms of marketing such as magazine advertisement, TV commercials, etc. is very costly. On the other hand,

marketing through Facebook is cheap and affordable. Some marketing tactics to effectively promote a small business include.


1. Creative and appealing Facebook page
The business page on the social networking site should be captivating and reveal the products or services the company offers in-depth. Posting a lot of relevant content related to the services the company offers can do this. Uploading interesting photos, posts, updates and videos that can go viral are the best way to make the page engaging. People will like the page only if they find some relevant stuff that is not available on the Internet. A boring dull page has all the powers to leave a negative impact on the customers.


2. Captivating the interest of the audience
With the growing competition in the market, the next big challenge is to retain the interest of the audience. One lethal way to retain the people visiting the page is offering weekly or monthly giveaways. The giveaways can be in form of free coupons, lucky draws or offering loyalty bonus to long-term customers. The business can also offer promotional discount offers to all the customers connected with them on Facebook. The promotional offers and giveaways have to be done in such a way so that they do not sound sales oriented.


3. Use Facebook Insight to know your customers in a better way
Facebook insight is a great way to know how well customers are responding to the page. It will help the company understand the exact requirement of the customers. If the page’s performance is not as expected the marketing strategies can be changed. The business can compile the data obtained from the insight and generate graphs to further analyze what is being liked and disliked by their customers. There is no point updating and uploading content that is not getting good response. It will only lead to unsatisfied customers.


4. Interacting with the customers directly
The Facebook comment box option can come in handy to interact with customers directly. The business has to respond to each and every query posted by the users. Accepting both positive and negative feedback from the users will help the company deliver according to the requirement of the prospective customers. Allowing discussions between the customers related to the products and services the business offers is a great marketing tactic.


Last, but not the least, updating the page and being active in the community is important if a business wants to flourish in today’s business environment. Facebook can be a dynamite marketing tool for businesses today, especially for service related offers.


Just a quick note for Facebook users that are unaware of the fact that Facebook like Google and Bing offers a pay per click program that is very good for reaching out to your potential customers.

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