Fundamental Aspects of SEO


One of the fundamental aspects of SEO (search engine optimization) is to have your site submitted to the search engines.

fundamental aspects of seo

We recommend submitting on a regular basis. Higher Achievements regularly submits client sites to 100 of the most popular search engines in existence. However, before you take on this task yourself, there are several things that you should do first. One of the things that most people don’t realize is that it can take weeks or even months to get indexed. I have heard of sites that get indexed within 7 to 10 days, but this only occurs when there was been a recent submission and or a lot of activity or hits to your pages.   We have also experienced some of our new pages indexing in as little as three to four days.

Make sure your site is ready by reviewing your html tags. 95% of all websites that we visit are missing key html tags and or H1, H2 tag information and will be discounted by the major search engines. If you have the time and the patience, read up on schema tagging and rich data snipplets for more details on using microdata, Search Engine Watch has published some very good information on meta tags (html tags) at

Titles and Descriptions

Title errors and description problems will also cause your pages to have extremely low rankings. Correcting tag issues is a must for good search engine placement.

Keyword Tags

You may also discover that the keyword tags have no impact on search queries anymore. The reason behind this is that, too many website owners and webmaster would stuff the tag with keywords that were not relevant to their site. One of the biggest offenses seemed to be using a competitor name as a keyword or just stuffing keywords in the tag. Now really, how long did you think that was going to last? It’s been several years since keywords had any relevance in search results.

It’s still a good idea to put the keyword tag on your page and insert your keywords, primarily because if for some reason the search engines decide to start looking at them again you are not going to get a heads up. They just don’t work that way. Most of the time changes that occur at Google and Bing, are discovered by savvy marketers, long before news is released to the public. If you have spent any time on Google’s webmaster pages or blogs you know that information is typically in response to a discovery and is so technical that it is hard to understand.

Website Review

With regard to the tags that may or may not be on your site, contact your webmaster and have them look into it. I have followed behind on many sites only to discover that the webmaster never coded the tags correctly. In fact, they’re just not there at all. Unfortunately most webmasters do not have an understanding beyond the visual aspects of developing a site. Therefore they produce some very good-looking websites, that don’t index very well. The website may appear to function normally as far as their client is concerned. That is until they start trying to market the site and find out that they are not getting placement or getting a very low page ranking as a result of the lack of proper html coding for search engine indexing.

Small business owners have every right to be skeptical when dealing with so called SEO specialists that offer all kinds of marketing services yet don’t address some of the fundamental basics of the web. Thus leaving a client with an absolutely wonderful looking website but little or no organic traffic.

More on Titles and Descriptions

I recently spoke to an old friend who paid more than $4,000 dollars for a site that looked great but had no tags and every page was titled the same. Each page should have a unique title and unique descriptions. Its best to view it like a book, with each page being a different chapter. If you read a book without chapters to break up the various subject mater or separating the thoughts the author was trying to convey, you could easily get lost or frustrated. In fact, you more than likely would not read that book. This is rather like how the search engines view sites that contain multiple pages all with the same title and description. Now search engines like Google are very sophisticated and do make an attempt to index based on content but why make it harder on yourself and rely on them to decide what your site is all about. By properly setting up your tags you control what the search engines index and what is displayed when your site comes up on a search query. You can even tell the search engine not to look at certain pages or content if you so desire.

Submitting your Site

It is a good idea to submit your site to the search engines on a weekly basis. However, doing so manually can take hours to accomplish. We can submit your site weekly for one year for a low one-time fee of $143.40.

We use an automated process to submit your site, which enables us to submit to 100 search engines worldwide. We don’t recommend submissions more frequently because doing so can have an adverse affect to getting listed or updated. If you have a lot of dead files on your site you will want those cleaned up so the search engines don’t see them. Broken links or redundant pages should also be fixed or removed from your site files, also make sure to clean up your htdocs file on your web server.

We hope that this sheds some light on the subject of search engine submissions and perhaps a few of the problems you may be having regarding your sites ability to get indexed the way you want it to.

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