Changes to Google Search

Whats going on with Google?

What's going on with Google Search?Over the last couple months we’ve noticed a significant change to the results using Google search. It seems that rather than listing the business websites we’re all looking for,  the first page is loaded with directory listings. According to Google’s new algorithm, they’re suggesting you search elsewhere?


Promoting Bars and Restaurants

Although this is a little off our normal topic, Anthony has written about some of the aspects of getting help from your vendors to promote your Bar or Restaurant. Anthony’s background is in high volume fast paced Las Vegas bars and restaurants.

Vendor Sponsorships for Bars and Restaurants.

Promoting a Restaurant

Many business owners are unaware of how to truly benefit from sponsorships. We are going to explain why sponsorships are not only valuable, but crucial when operating a bar or restaurant.


Using a QR Code to Promote a Restaurant

Using a QR Code.

Using a QR Code to promote a restaurantQR codes, for those who are unaware, are those funny looking square pixilated blocks showing up on just about everything. They are basically a bar code, which can be used for scanning almost anything. If you have a mobile smart phone, you can download a scanner that is capable of reading the QR Code.

The way this works is you scan the code using your phone and the item or message associated with the QR Code will be downloaded instantly to your phone. This can be a website, a business app, a game, menu, coupon, product information, loyalty programs or any number of items. Mobile apps are becoming one of the hottest marketing tools used to promote a business.


Mobile App’s and Your Business

How To Get Your Mobile App on Your Customer’s Phone.

Marketing today is not what it use to be. With all the advancements in technology, more and more customers are reaching for their smartphones before grabbing their keys. With that said, just because you have a mobile app does not mean its going to make it’s way to your customers phone without a little app

Many businesses are now turning to mobile apps to communicate with their customers. Everyone carries a mobile phone. It’s now just as essential and a part of your attire as your socks and shoes. You just don’t leave home without it. With a mobile app you can send messages to your customers using the push notification feature right to their phone wherever they are. This does not mean you should abandon conventional marketing methods by any means.


How SEO Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts


Search Engine Optimization can Benefit your Website Rankings

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about with SEO.  Well here is how SEO can benefit your marketing efforts, first done properly search engine optimization increases your chances of a higher position in the organic search results. This is the number one reason so many businesses have gone down this road to improve their rankings using search engine optimization. 

Some ways SEO can Benefit your marketing Efforts

SEO can benefit your marketing efforts in a number of ways.  In general it can improve your visibility in the search results. 


8 Things you can do to improve PPC, ROI

Improve your PPC, ROI

pay per click managementPay Per Click for the small business can be a great source of revenue and very cost effective but at the same time it can be very expensive if done improperly.

Pay Per Click Drives Quality Traffic to your Website

While most of us that use Pay Per Click are aware that it can be expensive, we have found that this is mainly attributed to the major learning curve when setting up a campaign for the first time.  It is necessary to monitor and tweak your campaign daily for the first several weeks.  Done properly PPC can and will drive quality visitors to your website and then into your business.  


Internet Marketing

Are you getting what you expected from your marketing firm?


Many Internet marketing companies offer services to their clients without even checking to see those services will be of any benefit to them and rarely ask what their objectives are. We actually attempt to check and see if we can be of help. We run several tests to see where they may be lacking and on occasion we have run across some that are doing very well in the online marketing arena.  There have been times when we have discovered some exceptional web design work that incorporates proper coding for search engine indexing along with functionality. In such cases, we let the potential client know that they are in good hands. However, this is not the norm.

With so many companies claiming that they are Internet Marketers and can perform Internet marketing on your behalf it can be tough for the small business owner. 

higher achievements


Most business owners are not all that savvy on Internet Marketing, or have been burned by less than straightforward companies out to line their pockets and are not even capable of helping a client reach their objectives. This type of practice gives everyone in the industry a bad name.


Is your Website a Secret?


Generating Business with your Website, or are you trying to keep your Business a Secret?


online marketing

Many business owners are under the assumption that all they need to do is post a Website and people will find them. That may have been the case ten years ago, but today it requires a bit of work.

Your website is a marketing tool not unlike other marketing tools you may have used. There needs to be a little more effort put into it just like when you put a brochure in the hands of a potential customer. In the old days, before the Internet, if you were not one of the major companies out there who could afford advertising on a major scale; you hired salespeople to hit the streets. You may have also engaged in


Notes from an Old School Salesman

generating customers

A Salesman’s Notes;

Most Internet Marketers would have you believe that the traditional methods of selling are dead. I am here to tell you this is far from reality. Business is people collaborating, sharing ideas and marketing products and services. Most business owners prefer to do business with someone they know and trust. It is very difficult to establish trust when you are not face to face with a potential client, but it is still possible. I find that using less personal methods of making contact take far more energy and many more attempts then the old fashion face to face cold call. Salespeople who spend most of their time writing e-mails and making phone calls will undoubtedly find customers, but they will have to endure a great deal of rejection and frustration simply because the customer is in control in those situations.


The Marketing Calendar

 Your Marketing Calendar

marketing calendarYour marketing calendar is a key component in your success when marketing online. Missing important updates and postings can cause a shortfall in traffic to your website or loss of sales on an important sales promotion. Monthly or weekly activities are easily missed or overlooked with all the daily activities that we have going on in our daily lives.

If part of your overall marketing strategy is to periodically publish articles to a Blog or post to forums then maintaining a consistent publish date and the tasks associated with it is a must. One way of doing this is to setup a calendar that you can keep all your deadlines and to do list on.


Yelp is good for Business

Yelping good for some. Not so good for others.

yelpRecently I spoke with a Yelp representative about featured ads for a small business.  I wanted to dig deeper into the subject about their filtered reviews. When asked about some of the filtered reviews, which by the way were legitimate in the case of the service provider being discussed, the Yelp representative stated that Yelps algorithms look for reviews from first time Yelpers and flag them as solicited if there is no other activity from the Yelper who wrote the review. They don’t do this right a way but when there is no log on activity from the reviewer within a given time frame they will be flagged. This is usually under thirty days.


Facebook Marketing Tactics for Small Business

Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

facebook logo


With over 1 billion users and still counting Facebook today is the largest and the most widely used social networking site. It is one of the best ways to reach out to a large number of people especially for a small start-up business. If Facebook marketing is done in a proper way there is no looking back for the business. Moreover, using other forms of marketing such as magazine advertisement, TV commercials, etc. is very costly. On the other hand,


How to Review your Online Marketing Company.

Checking Out your Online Marketing Company

check our your webmaster

Nowadays it seems that everyone has built a website and claims to be an Internet Marketer or Webmaster. How do you know if they can do what they claim they can do? Are they practicing what they preach? Well, here are a few simple ways that you can do just that.

Some of the many ways you can check and see if your Online Marketing Company or Webmaster is doing the job for their own company, which would correlate to their ability to perform for your company. Particularly if they claim they can get you site traffic. The links below are all free tools that can be used to get a feel for whether the company you are looking at can perform and deliver on your behalf.


Consider the Stats

Carefully consider the Stats before investing your advertising dollars.


target advertising

Advertising online can be tricky and mistakes are easy to make. But if you consider the statistics before you spend your advertising dollars you will increase your success rate considerably. This assumes that your marketing material is compelling and that you have included a call to action.

In December of 2012 the traffic rankings per major online advertising – marketing websites are presented below. (Visitor estimate data generated from Traffic Estimate. We only list sites that permit advertising of some sort.  Be it Pay Per Click or Free Listings. We do not advocate 


Social Media and your Business

Is It Right For You?


When we talk about social media, most likely, Facebook and Twitter come to mind. These two websites are considered to be the social media giants based on the number of members, as well as the interactions made between their users. While most people consider these sites as an innovative, entertaining way to connect with people from different places, entrepreneurs view social media sites as a very helpful tool in marketing their products and services too targeted audiences.

The abilities of converting a Facebook Like and Twitter Follower into sales have been recognized by many Internet marketers. Although it may sound easy to promote a page or convince people


Reviewing Your Online Strategy

Small Businesses Should
Review Their Online Strategy


website strategy

Small businesses today may want to take the time to review their online strategies for future growth. The up and coming young professionals entering the job market as company engineers and buyers have grown up using the Internet.  Their reference source of choice is the World Wide Web. They are very computer literate and enjoy using the Internet for finding information and on top of that they are very quick about it. It would behoove the small business owner to offer them a source for finding information that fills their needs. Failing to be present when one of these new breed of business professionals are looking for products or services can mean the loss of sales, important projects and future business. They are looking for a reason to use a company for a product or service or they may just be looking to learn a little more about what a particular industry is all about.


Fundamental Aspects of SEO


One of the fundamental aspects of SEO (search engine optimization) is to have your site submitted to the search engines.

fundamental aspects of seo

We recommend submitting on a regular basis. Higher Achievements regularly submits client sites to 100 of the most popular search engines in existence. However, before you take on this task yourself, there are several things that you should do first. One of the things that most people don’t realize is that it can take weeks or even months to get indexed. I have heard of sites that get indexed within 7 to 10 days, but this only occurs when there was been a recent submission and or a lot of activity or hits to your pages.   We have also experienced some of our new pages indexing in as little as three to four days.


Marketing A Professional Firm Online

It is true that social connection can help in promoting a product and professional services. Since the means of connecting to people have gone through positive changes as it turned digital, the methods of marketing through social networking and affiliation have also improved. From the old fashioned Word of Mouth (WOM) strategy and referral system to online social media marketing, both traders and service providers were awed by the convenience the technology brought to the marketing field.

A lot of service providers have already acknowledged the advantages of offering professional 


Marketing Your Retail Store Online.


Honestly speaking, all the things that you can find online are things that we all share and enjoy in our everyday lives.

open 24 hoursThey could be life-changing advises and tips, unbelievable truths and information, valuable products, professional services, the best restaurants in your area or even the useless the most confusing games. No matter how beneficial or useless these things may be as long as they are posted online, they can be viewed by billions of people around the globe. This worldwide sharing of information and ideas is perceived by traders as a very useful marketing tool, and the main reason why you can find advertisements online, online shops, various internet marketing strategy services and tips, and the like.


Marketing and the Google Experience

Marketing and the Google Experience. 

Every second, there are millions of people who visit Google for various reasons. While some people “Google” to check

Google logo for some information about a specific topic, others conduct business. It is common knowledge that Google is a

powerful and widely used search engine, which makes it a very useful marketing tool; however, not all internet marketers are able to succeed in using Google for promoting their businesses.


Why SEO is important to the small business.

importance of seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the small business can mean the difference between success and failure. With all the advertising options out there today SEO should be at the top of your list. Why, because I believe everyone would agree that a twenty four hour a day marketing message that is always on and never turns off is probably the best marketing tool any business could possibly ask for. But is it working for you or is your competition the one with the leg up?