How SEO Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts


Search Engine Optimization can Benefit your Website Rankings

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about with SEO.  Well here is how SEO can benefit your marketing efforts, first done properly search engine optimization increases your chances of a higher position in the organic search results. This is the number one reason so many businesses have gone down this road to improve their rankings using search engine optimization. 

Some ways SEO can Benefit your marketing Efforts

SEO can benefit your marketing efforts in a number of ways.  In general it can improve your visibility in the search results. If you utilize pay per click  marketing as a means to generate website traffic then SEO can reduce your cost by improving your ad rankings thereby reducing your cost per click.  By optimizing your website you are actually making it easier for the search engines to properly identify your content and when appropriate offer your website page to the individual requesting a relevant search. It eliminates the search engines from serving up information that is not relevant to the search request.

Keywords and Search Engines

For those that are unaware of it keywords entered into the keyword meta tag on your page have virtually no impact on what the search engine views as a means of identifying your page content or what your page  is all about. The most important information happens to lie in the title tag and the description tags. Both of these items are not visible to the average viewer, that’s not to say you can’t see them most people just don’t know how. The average individual business owner operating a business for profit wouldn’t even know if his or her website was built to be found.  

Looks are not Everything

set a course using seo

It may look pretty and everyone tells you how nice it is and sure all your friends can find it by typing your company name into Google, Bing or Yahoo, but is that what you want, or do you want to be found by people you don’t know and those who don’t know you?  If the latter is the case then you may want to look into SEO.  After all the whole idea behind the Internet is visibility and being seen, is it not? 

What are your customers looking for?

If your customers are looking for your services and you don’t come up in the organic search results on the first, second and maybe the third page of the results then someone else is. Another thing to remember is that most customers and potential customers don’t surf the web the way a business owner does who maybe looking for a business type similar to their own. Customers will use a variety of keywords or phrases to find what they need. They typically won’t use industry buzz words or acronyms like SEO, rather they may use search terms like “how do I get a better position in the search engines for my website”. Another may be something like “why is my website not coming up in the first position on Google?”  I am sure you get the picture.

Seeking help with your Website SEO

If you are unsure as to why your website is not coming up where you want in the search results seek assistance, there are consultants that will point you in the right direction.  If you don’t know any give us a call we will be glad to see if we can be of help.


By: Edward Sledge