How to Review your Online Marketing Company.

Checking Out your Online Marketing Company

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Nowadays it seems that everyone has built a website and claims to be an Internet Marketer or Webmaster. How do you know if they can do what they claim they can do? Are they practicing what they preach? Well, here are a few simple ways that you can do just that.

Some of the many ways you can check and see if your Online Marketing Company or Webmaster is doing the job for their own company, which would correlate to their ability to perform for your company. Particularly if they claim they can get you site traffic. The links below are all free tools that can be used to get a feel for whether the company you are looking at can perform and deliver on your behalf.   Reports on sites in the top 30 million range. Information is generally 30 days old. Does not report on low volume sites. Part of Stat My Webs information comes from Alexa and the visitor counts seem to be way off sometimes not even registering at all. Great tool for judging their marketing performance.









Using these sites will give you an idea of how well they market their own business. If they were not producing any data with then I would move on. Now is not the end all of methods to use when reviewing a website nor is Hubspot’s marketing grader. Together they will give you an idea of how well they market their own company. Hubspot’s data seems to be very accurate. is used by the large advertising agencies to establish a value to Internet marketing websites. This is done for the purpose of placing ads on behalf of their large budget-advertising clients.

Note of caution: when dealing with very large marketing organizations this information has to be taken with a grain of salt. The information you gain from doing a little research may still not be based on their ability to market the particular service you are interested in. So, when dealing with the big boy’s, keep in mind that they may not be able to provide you with a unique marketing strategy, but may only be interested in pigeon holing you into a program that fits their needs and not necessarily the needs of their client.
While you’re on Hubspot’s marketing grader site you can check on your own site or any site you wish for that matter. I find these tools to be very handy when reviewing a customer’s site to see if we can be of any benefit to them.

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By Edward Sledge