Is your Website a Secret?


Generating Business with your Website, or are you trying to keep your Business a Secret?


online marketing

Many business owners are under the assumption that all they need to do is post a Website and people will find them. That may have been the case ten years ago, but today it requires a bit of work.

Your website is a marketing tool not unlike other marketing tools you may have used. There needs to be a little more effort put into it just like when you put a brochure in the hands of a potential customer. In the old days, before the Internet, if you were not one of the major companies out there who could afford advertising on a major scale; you hired salespeople to hit the streets. You may have also engaged in telephone solicitations, mailings and/or faxing information to your prospect. All to get your business in front of your customer.

Today’s Marketing Arena

In today’s marketing arena, just like the old days, you have to put your website (brochure) into the hands of your potential client. You need to follow up with them and let them know you want their business. You do this by staying in touch with them via e-mails, newsletters, and postings to social media accounts and of course the traditional methods. You need to be there when they are in the market for your services.

Your website should be a gold mine of leads. Focus on keeping it up to date. Offer your potential customers the information they need to make intelligent buying decisions. Most business website are “Me too” sites that offer no more then a digital business card and a few words about what you have to offer. People generally want to know if you can solve their problem.

Marketing on the Internet today requires a focused strategy and involvement. Your potential customers need to find you and you need to be seen where they are looking.

It’s a pretty simple concept. Still, most live in the dark ages, lurking in the shadows of the net and do not make themselves easily available to their customers.

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