Promoting Bars and Restaurants

Although this is a little off our normal topic, Anthony has written about some of the aspects of getting help from your vendors to promote your Bar or Restaurant. Anthony’s background is in high volume fast paced Las Vegas bars and restaurants.

Vendor Sponsorships for Bars and Restaurants.

Promoting a Restaurant

Many business owners are unaware of how to truly benefit from sponsorships. We are going to explain why sponsorships are not only valuable, but crucial when operating a bar or restaurant.

Do your research

First and foremost, you want to research your city, county and state laws regarding local rules and regulations. Since prohibition in the 1920′s, liquor distribution and sales have been tightly regulated. Your distributors are a great source of information to find the answers you need. This is a good start but do your homework.

Non Alcoholic Sponsorships

Non alcoholic sponsorships can be fruitful with much less red tape to break through. Modern “energy drinks” have been on the up rise since their major debut in America in the late 1990′s. According to the NY Daily News, sales of “energy drinks” have doubled from 2007 to 2011 and it is expected to increase in similar fashion over the next five years. With so many option in the category, these companies all want to solidify their spot at the top. This is why they need you. Your establishment becomes the vessel driving their popularity and they are willing to pay for that exposure.

Alcohol Sponsorhips

Beer, liquor and wine companies operate inside a more regulated industry. With more limitations, it becomes a battle of sales and demographics. You know what your customers want. Why not get some financial relief to pair up your customers with some of their favorite brands? This will take more of a commitment, yielding better results for both you and the sponsor.

Some liquor companies will enter into an agreement for “one off” opportunities. This is a specific event, sponsored based on the expected demographic for that particular day. These companies will be able to help alleviate some of the financial burdens of these events such as bands, dj’s, radio ads, print ads as well as being able to add some of their own special attractions.

Weekly promotions are another way you can take advantage of sponsorships  This will help develop an ongoing relationship between you and your sponsors. Many companies can and will offer incentives for both employees and customers to push or purchase their products with giveaways. These can range anywhere from hats and beads to surf and ski trips. It’s a win win for everyone. Any type of giveaway generates excitement for your business and the sponsors involved.

Specialty cocktail menus are the perfect way to advertise who your favorite brands are. More often than not, your favorite brand is going to be the one with the deepest pockets. Liquor companies will pick up the check when it comes to your printing needs. Many have companies they deal with on a regular basis if they don’t do their own printing in house. By having them cover the cost, it will free up funds for other budgeted areas. We suggest marketing.

By: Anthony Douglas