Social Media and your Business

Is It Right For You?


When we talk about social media, most likely, Facebook and Twitter come to mind. These two websites are considered to be the social media giants based on the number of members, as well as the interactions made between their users. While most people consider these sites as an innovative, entertaining way to connect with people from different places, entrepreneurs view social media sites as a very helpful tool in marketing their products and services too targeted audiences.

The abilities of converting a Facebook Like and Twitter Follower into sales have been recognized by many Internet marketers. Although it may sound easy to promote a page or convince people to follow you back, the number of internet marketers who have failed to get the advantages of what social media can offer still increases. To give you more ideas how others fail, below are some of the common social media mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Misleading promotions or updates
  • Discriminating posts and comments
  • Uploading offensive photos
  • Abandoned posts or contents
  • Too slow to respond to comments and questions
  • Posting or tweeting the same content over and over again
  • Allowing people to write aggressive quotes on your wall or comment on your posts
  • Giving up too soon

There is no doubt that social media can help you find potential customers and increase your sales in just few weeks; however, since you will be interacting with people, you have to make sure that your followers and page likers will remain interested in you and your business. How are you going to do that? Below are some suggestions and tips on how to make your social media accounts work effectively in marketing your business:

  1. Improve your way of interactioning. Surely, you can update your status or tweet every hour. But if you want to make your posts interactive and possibly attract attention, make sure to share only engaging content about you and your products or services. They can be in the form of trivia, promotion, or humor.
  2. Update your status or tweet during peak hours. You might need to test the best time to post, wherein you will get the most comments, shares, likes, and favorites.
  3. Always check your notifications. Your notification will tell you if there are comments left on your status updates and shared photos. It is important that you respond to a comment as soon as possible, tag them when responding to their messages. This will keep the thread up and going.
  4. Include links in your post. Links can be directed to your main website, blog, video, article, and or press releases. Make sure to include catchy phrases such as “read/learn more about this” and so on.

There are many other tips on how to improve your business or fan page to be able to get more clients. But if you avoid the above mentioned mistakes and follow the given tips to improve your social media pages, you are sure to get the marketing advantages of social media sites for your business.

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