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Changes to Google Search

Whats going on with Google? Over the last couple months we’ve noticed a significant change to the results using Google search. It seems that rather than listing the business websites we’re all looking for,  the first page is loaded with directory listings. According to Google’s new algorithm, they’re suggesting you search elsewhere?

8 Things you can do to improve PPC, ROI

Improve your PPC, ROI Pay Per Click for the small business can be a great source of revenue and very cost effective but at the same time it can be very expensive if done improperly. Pay Per Click Drives Quality Traffic to your Website While most of us that use Pay Per Click are aware that it […]

Marketing and the Google Experience

Marketing and the Google Experience.  Every second, there are millions of people who visit Google for various reasons. While some people “Google” to check  for some information about a specific topic, others conduct business. It is common knowledge that Google is a powerful and widely used search engine, which makes it a very useful marketing […]

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