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Changes to Google Search

Whats going on with Google? Over the last couple months we’ve noticed a significant change to the results using Google search. It seems that rather than listing the business websites we’re all looking for,  the first page is loaded with directory listings. According to Google’s new algorithm, they’re suggesting you search elsewhere?

Mobile App’s and Your Business

How To Get Your Mobile App on Your Customer’s Phone. Marketing today is not what it use to be. With all the advancements in technology, more and more customers are reaching for their smartphones before grabbing their keys. With that said, just because you have a mobile app does not mean its going to make it’s way to your customers […]

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Is your Website a Secret?

  Generating Business with your Website, or are you trying to keep your Business a Secret?   Many business owners are under the assumption that all they need to do is post a Website and people will find them. That may have been the case ten years ago, but today it requires a bit of work. […]