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Changes to Google Search

Whats going on with Google? Over the last couple months we’ve noticed a significant change to the results using Google search. It seems that rather than listing the business websites we’re all looking for,  the first page is loaded with directory listings. According to Google’s new algorithm, they’re suggesting you search elsewhere?

Social Media and your Business

Is It Right For You? When we talk about social media, most likely, Facebook and Twitter come to mind. These two websites are considered to be the social media giants based on the number of members, as well as the interactions made between their users. While most people consider these sites as an innovative, entertaining way […]

Fundamental Aspects of SEO

  One of the fundamental aspects of SEO (search engine optimization) is to have your site submitted to the search engines. We recommend submitting on a regular basis. Higher Achievements regularly submits client sites to 100 of the most popular search engines in existence. However, before you take on this task yourself, there are several things […]

4 Steps to Getting My Small Business Online

Most small business think of getting their business online as being a monumental task.  Here are four simple steps to help you organize and launching your online business.   Getting My Small Business Online Internet marketing has been around for years now. While some entrepreneurs think it is a very effective marketing strategy, others find it extremely […]