The Marketing Calendar

 Your Marketing Calendar

marketing calendarYour marketing calendar is a key component in your success when marketing online. Missing important updates and postings can cause a shortfall in traffic to your website or loss of sales on an important sales promotion. Monthly or weekly activities are easily missed or overlooked with all the daily activities that we have going on in our daily lives.

If part of your overall marketing strategy is to periodically publish articles to a Blog or post to forums then maintaining a consistent publish date and the tasks associated with it is a must. One way of doing this is to setup a calendar that you can keep all your deadlines and to do list on. I have found that using Microsoft Outlook is a great tool, but if you don’t have this program on your computer then Google offers a free calendar that is just as great for the job. Google’s Calendar enables you to setup multiple calendars and task lists all in one place so you won’t miss those important dates. Some of the features included in the calendar are email notifications reminding you of important events that are on the horizon.

Some of the features in Google’s Calendar offer the ability to setup custom views or a two-week calendar if you need. The agenda feature gives you a line by line overview of events and tasks in a simple list view. You may even use the calendar offline by downloading it to your computer.

One of the features I like is the icons that can be attached to your event for identification purposes. This feature makes it easier to find tasks that I assign to the calendar for follow up. Be it a call, visit, appointment or sending an email on a given day. If you publish your calendar on your website the Google Calendar is very easy to integrate to your web page.

If you are serious about Internet Marketing then a calendar is an absolute must.

 By Edward Sledge