Using a QR Code to Promote a Restaurant

Using a QR Code.

Using a QR Code to promote a restaurantQR codes, for those who are unaware, are those funny looking square pixilated blocks showing up on just about everything. They are basically a bar code, which can be used for scanning almost anything. If you have a mobile smart phone, you can download a scanner that is capable of reading the QR Code.

The way this works is you scan the code using your phone and the item or message associated with the QR Code will be downloaded instantly to your phone. This can be a website, a business app, a game, menu, coupon, product information, loyalty programs or any number of items. Mobile apps are becoming one of the hottest marketing tools used to promote a business.

By getting your app on your customer’s smart phone, you will be able to promote specials to each mobile app user whenever you want. This is called a push notification. You may be familiar with it if you have any of the popular news apps loaded on you smart phone, CNN, AP, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, to name a few. The really great thing about this is that most people will forget their keys before they forget their phones. They typically don’t go anywhere without them.

Another great feature that a mobile app offers is the ability to share it with friends and coworkers. This allows your app to make its way onto another mobile phone without that person being anywhere near your location. Word of mouth is always the most effective way to market and this feature makes that as simple as the push of a button. You can have it placed in the apple store where others can find it and download it free from there.

To Using a QR Code to promote a restaurant is simple.

Here are a few things you can do to start using a mobile app within your restaurant.

1. Implement a customer loyalty program by offering a comp breakfast, lunch or dinner to each mobile app member with a desired number of purchased meals that still keeps your food cost in budget..
2. Offer a complementary drink to anyone who downloads your mobile app.
3. Place a sign in your window with your QR Code on it for passerby’s to download your app.
4. Print your QR Code on your place mats and coasters.
5. Make sure you include your QR Code on menus, especially your takeout menu if you have one.
6. Incentivize your customers to download your mobile app before they get their check. You can offer exclusive discounts or deals for those who download your app during the course of their meal.
7. Place your QR Code on business cards, coupons, print ads and any fliers you may have.

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By: Anthony Douglas