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Your Website and Internet presence is the focal point of your entire online marketing strategy, it should reflect the image you would like the world to see of your business. Your website is your way of greeting the world, it should be aesthetically pleasing and engaging for your customers and clients. Too often the small business person does not give their website design as much attention as it should have.


Website Design

Our website design service will build you a site that will offer your customers the information they are looking for and provide an engaging experience.  The days of build it and they will come have long gone by, today your site needs to be sticky, offering your customers a reason to stay on the site and explore what you have to offer.  Writing captivating copy and links to further information within and off site that will keep them there for more than a few seconds.  We are sure that you have a vision for what your company can offer and can tell the world with a high level of enthusiasm given a platform to do so.  This is were your website comes in, so often in the haste of put up a website we forget that enthusiasm and make attempts to just be informative and provide a lot of filler that others find useless.  You want to stand out and let your customers know you are different and your website is the place to do it.


We can build a WordPress website for you for $999.  Up to five pages.  All copy material to be provided by the customer.  This basic website design package includes links to your Facebook page and twitter accounts.


For a more enhanced website design with online ordering capabilities pricing generally start in the $2500. range and goes up from there.


Pricing does not include hosting, ssl certificates, domain registration or merchant services when necessary.  Management and maintenance of a website is an additional fee.  Please ask for more information if this service is of interest to you.  We would be glad to provide a quotation to provide website design services for you.

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